Stone tower and thatched house

Amidst the rolling hills and fields of green,
Lies a land where stone pagodas gleam,
Their ancient spires reaching towards the sky,
A testament to the craftsmen who built them high.

Beneath their shadow, thatched houses stand,
Their sturdy frames weathered by time and land,
A simple beauty in their humble abode,
A place of rest for those on a journey’s road.

Together they stand, these structures of old,
A symbiotic relationship, as if foretold,
The pagodas offer strength and fortitude,
The thatched houses warmth and gratitude.

In the quiet of the evening, as the sun sets low,
The pagodas and thatched houses seem to glow,
A harmony of man and nature, a peaceful scene,
A reminder of life’s simple beauty, serene.

So let us cherish these structures of stone and thatch,
For they are the embodiment of our shared past,
A legacy of craftsmanship and humble abode,
A reminder of a simpler life, a peaceful abode.

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