A pot of memories, so dear to me

A pot of memories, so dear to me
Where stories and flavors, still linger to be
Reminiscent of simpler times, long ago
When life was unrushed, and nature’s flow

It’s chipped and worn, with a patina of age
A reminder of the meals that filled the page
Of my life’s story, a chapter in the past
And the memories, that forever will last

It’s a symbol of the life, I used to lead
In the countryside, where I learned to breathe
Where the earth was my home and the sky my roof
And the pot on the fire, was the heart of my proof

It’s a reminder that life is fleeting, so true
And that memories are all we have, when it’s through
But as long as we hold on, to those memories dear
We will always have a piece of the past, to hold near

A pot of memories, so dear to me
A reminder of life, in the countryside.

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