The wide golden fields spread out beneath it

The sky is spread out over the earth,
A canvas painted blue and magnificent,
Clouds flow like soft dreams,
And the mountains are shining in the distance.

The wide golden fields spread out beneath it,
where rice begins to grow,
ripening in the summer sun,
A bountiful harvest has begun.

The field stretches as far as the eye can see,
Golden fields to the horizon,
A gentle wind shakes the leaves,
And the chirping of birds intertwines.

The mountains stand tall and proud,
Unbreakable and unfettered natural fortress,
Their peaks point toward the sky,
It reminds us of nature’s magnificent designs.

The beauty of this land is grand,
A symphony played by the hands of nature,
the sky, the mountains, and the rice
Create a wonderful paradise together.

this is where you can find
Peace, serenity, peace of mind,
A place surrounded by natural beauty
And the spirit was lifted up from the earth.

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