Most popular styles for anime female characters

The “tsundere” character, who is initially cold and aloof but gradually becomes warmer and more affectionate.

The “kuudere” character, who is calm, composed, and emotionally distant, but may have a hidden passion or vulnerability.

The “yandere” character, who is initially kind and loving but becomes obsessive and potentially violent as their affection grows.

The “dandere” character, who is shy and quiet, but may open up and become more expressive over time.

The “genki” character, who is energetic, outgoing, and positive.

The “moe” character, who is cute, charming, and often childlike in their mannerisms and appearance.

The “strong female character”, who is independent, confident, and capable.

The “girly girl” character, who is feminine, fashionable, and interested in traditionally “girly” activities.

The “cool beauty” character, who is beautiful, confident, and aloof, and often excels at physical activities or has a strong sense of justice.

These are just a few examples, and there are many other types of female characters in anime as well.

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