Cosmos in autumn, a sight so mellow

Golden hues, a field of yellow
Cosmos in autumn, a sight so mellow
A burst of color, against the fall’s grey
A beacon of hope, on a dreary day

A reminder that life goes on
Even as the leaves fall and the days grow long
A symbol of perseverance, in the face of change
A reminder that beauty can still be found, in the most unexpected range

A symphony of yellow, a feast for the eyes
A natural wonder, that never dies
A gentle reminder of the cycle of life
And the constant ebb and flow of time

A dance of petals, swaying in the breeze
Cosmos in autumn, a natural masterpiece
A celebration of life and all its hues
A reminder to always seek the beauty in the blues

A final flourish, before the winter’s chill
A reminder to savor life’s simple thrill
Yellow cosmos in autumn, a sight to behold
A reminder that life is fleeting, but beauty is forever told.

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