Crossing the Han River Bridge by bicycle

The animation is about a young boy who grows up in a difficult home environment. Despite the challenges he faces, he discovers a passion for cycling and works tirelessly to improve his skills. He faces many obstacles, both on and off the bike, but he never gives up. He trains hard and overcomes injuries, and eventually becomes a talented cyclist.

As he grows older, he enters into competitions and faces off against other skilled riders. Despite the odds against him, he never loses sight of his dream to become a champion cyclist. He continues to push himself, and finally, after many years of hard work and perseverance, he wins the biggest race of his life.

Throughout the animation, the main character is shown to be a determined, hardworking individual who never gives up on his dreams, even in the face of adversity. He serves as an inspiration to the audience, showing that anyone can achieve their goals if they are willing to put in the time and effort.

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