The sky ablaze with hues of red

The sky ablaze with hues of red,
A fiery sunset, overhead,
The clouds, they glow like embers bright,
In the wide horizon, a stunning sight.

The sun, it dips below the line,
A fiery orb, it does resign,
Leaving behind a trail of gold,
A memory, forever to behold.

The world is bathed in a warm embrace,
A final kiss, before it’s replaced,
By the stars, that twinkle above,
A reminder, of the beauty of love.

The horizon stretches far and wide,
A canvas, forever to abide,
In the memories of all who see,
The red sky, at sunset, wild and free.

As I stand here, and take it all in,
The beauty of the world, it begins,
To fill my heart, with a sense of peace,
In the red sky, my worries cease.

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